The Trust takes fraud and attempted fraud very seriously and under some circumstances is required to report fraud or suspected fraud to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.  The Trust will investigate suspicious claims and apply heightened scrutiny as it deems warranted.  Fraud and Conspiracy to Commit Fraud are violations of both state and federal laws and can expose a claimant and/or anyone participating or assisting in the fraud to both civil and criminal sanctions.  A professional (and his company) suspected of assisting a claimant with a fraudulent claim will also be reported to the state licensing board. 

The Trust Distribution Procedures state:

"Improper or Fraudulent Claims Activity... To the extent any noncompliant payments were made as the result of fraudulent conduct on the part of a contractor, Claimant or other person, the ZAI Trustee shall notify the Bankruptcy Court and the United States Attorney for the District of Delaware of such fraud and shall provide all information those entities may request in connection with any investigation, civil proceedings or criminal proceedings.  The PD Trust may also initiate litigation against the responsible party or parties to recover such noncompliant payments."